Holidays Act Remediation

SkyCity is conducting an audit into its payroll processes with the understanding that some current and past employees in New Zealand may have received incorrect payments.

The issues relate to entitlements under the Holidays Act 2003 and primarily impact permanent employees who work variable and unpredictable work patterns or work above their contracted hours. In some, but not all, cases these employees may not have not received correct payments and remediation may need to occur. The Holidays Act legislation is complex with varying rules and calculations for different leave types. This is a wide issue affecting many employers and is not isolated to SkyCity.

Once the audit is completed, SkyCity will write to affected employees (past and present) with information about their remediation payment and how they may have it paid. Earnings history and leave patterns are unique to each employee and, as such, not all employees are affected.

Past employees who have changed their address since leaving SkyCity may wish to update their contact details by emailing Please note that any update of contact details will involve a verification of identify process.

Currently, SkyCity is unable to advise the amount of any remediation payment as we have yet to complete our determination of individual remediation amounts for affected employees.

We appreciate that it is a lengthy process to determine and process the remediation payments. Our focus has been on investigating the issue thoroughly and ensuring the remediation payment calculations are accurate for each affected employee. SkyCity is actively engaging with several third parties to verify our calculations as well as working closely with the Labour Inspectorate.